Shade Gardening for Beginners 

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Shade gardening is an essential skill for homeowners who want to keep their entire property green and thriving. Most residential yards have some areas that rarely get direct sunlight and are prone to soil erosion because nothing grows there. This is especially true under spreading trees (such as oaks) which have dense foliage. Residential structures like houses and fences also … Read More

Perennial of the Month: Daylily

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Daylilies are many gardeners’ favorite plants. They are dependable perennials, they are prolific and colorful bloomers, and they are relatively free of pests. Daylilies are tolerant of drought and flooding, immune to heat stress, tolerant of most soils and grow well in full sun or light shade.  Height/Spread Daylilies can range in height from 8 inches to 5 feet, and … Read More

Why We Garden

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Gardeners tend to be optimistic. The simple act of planting a tree shows vision, creativity and yes, even hope. Sowing seeds is an act of faith, a fundamental belief in the natural world. One knows that with fertile soil, water and light, anything is possible. Gardens of contentment are borne in cities and in the country, in grand designs and … Read More

March 2020 Newsletter

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LAWN CARE The most common mistake consumers make is to fertilize too early in the season. Using Weed & Feeds in February or early March creates huge potential for brown patch disease and creates lush growth susceptible to late cold weather. It is best to separate fertilizer from weed control. We have two products that can be applied early. One … Read More