Let’s face it!  Staring at walls & walls of chemicals and fertilizers can be daunting! 

Most times you just don’t know where to begin.  That’s when the expert assistance at Hebert’s

Garden Center is especially appreciated. 

We do carry an exceptional selection of chemicals (fungicides, insecticides, pesticides, & herbicides) to address all the issues you’re likely to experience in your lawn, flowerbed, landscape, vegetable garden and home.  More importantly, however, we will help you accurately assess what you will really need to solve the issues you are having.  We will find you the correct solution and instruct you how to use the product.  Using the right product the right way is critical to your success!

Fertilizers are another tricky subject!  What exactly should I use … and how much… and when?  Those are some of the typical questions we’re asked daily.  And we know the answers! Perhaps not surprisingly, one of the most common problems is overfertilization!   We keep in stock the fertilizers you need for your lawn, citrus trees, pecan trees, vegetable gardens and, of course, bedding plants, roses, hibiscus and many specialty products as well. 

Increasingly popular are our organic versions of chemicals and fertilizers and our offering of them is growing each season!  If you’re into organic gardening, see us today!

Our product lines include Fertilome, Hi-Yield, SunGro, Scotts Miracle Gro, Bonide, Espoma, Natural Guard, Monterey, Martin’s and Ladybug.