We still do it the old fashioned way in many instances!  Many of our customers remember Mr. Harold Hebert, (Richard’s dad), weighing and measuring bulk garden seed for them as depicted in this photograph!  

If our seed cabinets could talk they would tell lots of interesting stories.

These days, we still buy the freshest mustard, turnips, carrots, beets, parsley, cucumbers, beans, peas, squash (to name just a few) in bulk bags and repackage them for our customers.  Our reputation has been built by supplying only the freshest seeds from year to year and giving you a good value for your seed dollar. 

Even our pre-packaged line of vegetable and flower seeds (Livingston Seed Co., in business since 1850) packs their packages with more seeds!   And they are guaranteed fresh!   

In this seed line you will find herbs, organics, heirloom veggies, tons of seasonal flowers, flowering vines, both annual and perennial! 

Although we have found other purposes for our old seed bins, it is always fun when a customer comes in and reminisces about them … remembering when they shopped with their dad or grandparents straight from the bin!