Let’s talk about sod! 

Hebert’s receives deliveries of St. Augustine Palmetto from March through October. The pieces of sod are cut the day before a delivery so it’s fresh when we receive it. We sell it by pieces which are 16×24 or pallets which cover 450 sq ft. The pallet also weighs approximately 2300 to 2600 Ibs. 


How much sod? 

If you are having trouble figuring out the amount of sod you need for an area you can give us a call. 


The formula to figure out how much sod you will need is:


  • get measurement of area in square feet
  • Divide answer by 24 sq ft
  • Multiply answer by 9 pieces


Call to reserve! 

We get a limited amount of sod when we order so make sure to call to reserve the amount you need for when it arrives! We call everyone on the list to notify them when their shipment is delivered.