November Tips & Trends


  • This fall we have been fighting again the sod webworm issue. As with last fall the nasty worms have eaten many of lawns in this area. One notices large brown areas and upon closer inspection see the blades of the grass eaten. The adult stage of the worm can many times be seen flying out of the lawn in the evening when cutting or walking through the lawn.
  • We are now in November and beginning to see signs of brown patch. This is easily identified by the perfectly round brown patches in the lawn. We see this problem when night temperatures are cool and humidity is high. This problem will continue until the lawn goes dormant because of a freeze or frost.


  • We can continue to plant fall vegetables at this time. Get crops such as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussel sprouts as soon as you can. These are best planted as plants. Some popular veggies that are planted by seed are carrots, beets, lettuce, mustard, spinach, kale, and turnips. All need full sun.


  • Remember most of the popular herbs do great in our winters. The only major one that will be killed by cold is basil. Parsley , onion tops, chives, mint, oregano, cilantro, rosemary, thyme, cutting celery, sage, and more. Great in containers or raised beds.


  • Hebert’s has hundreds of strawberry plants. Believe it or not now is the “best” time to plant! If planted now you will begin to harvest in early March for a spring of great harvest. Come by for details

Vidalia Onion Plants

  • We see close to 80,000 of these plants arriving in Mid-November. Area customers have done extremely well with these great delicious onions. Call to reserve your plants.

Fall Bedding

  • You are not too late to get your fall flowers planted. This is a late season because of the late hot temperatures. Plants such as petunias, snapdragons, dianthus, pansies, ornamental cabbage, violas and more do great from now to May. Come by so we can help you get it done right!


  • This new introduction to this area is creating problems. Also know as raspberry ant they get the crazy name for their fast weaving movement. They are hard to kill and multiply by the thousands. Good news is they will eliminate the “red ants” in your yard. They are a nuisance. We can help!