October Garden Tips

We are now transitioning to the fall gardens. It is too late for fall tomatoes, remember you produce
tomatoes in the fall not plant in the fall.
If you wish to get an early start on fall plants you can start now with cabbage, broccoli, kale, cauliflower,
Brussels sprouts, and others plants. Be aware that because of high temperatures you will have to keep very wet. Plants such as lettuce and spinach we need to wait for milder temperatures.
Go directly in the ground with carrots, beets, turnips, and mustard seeds. Keep wet and watch for insect
issues. A good balanced slow release fertilizer such as GARDENERS SPECIAL 11-15-11 is very safe and can be applied at the time of planting.
You should have already pruned back your roses. If not cut back slightly if you think they are leggy.
Fertilize with slow release FERTILOME ROSE & FLOWER CARE with SYTEMIC INSECTICIDE. Repeat every 30 days through end of October. These is a lot of leaves with black spot fungus. Therefore, spray ASAP to reduce problem. Use FERTILOME SYSTEMIC FUNGICIDE three times about two weeks apart.
Now is the time to take out any plants that did not survive this wet hot summer. You can prepare areas
for planting. Add soil, organic matter, and even mulch for a good presentation. We just have to wait to
plant till temperatures get milder. Garden mums have begun to arrive. You must keep these extremely
wet with daily waterings. A ready supply of mums will continue to arrive till the end of October.
Ornamental peppers and crotons are here and look fantastic! Fall is the best time to plant petunias. We
have petunias now and getting more as temperatures cool. If you want to plant a few now in containers
you can. If you need a bunch, wait till temperatures cool off to plant. The majority of our petunias,
snapdragons, violas, dianthus, petunias, etc., will be arriving when temperatures moderate. Hopefully
this will be sooner than later.
The citrus trees have been showing signs of sooty mold. The leaves will turn black. Spray now with
FERTILOME BROADSPECTRUM INSECTICIDE. Once temperatures cool add HY YIELD DORMANT SPRAY. Will need 5 days after spraying before harvesting. Always a good idea to spray DORMANT SPRAY.
Last fertilization will be now or early October. You do not want to push these plants to hard because
that will make them more vulnerable to cold temperatures.Plants like hibiscus, bouganvillas, bananas, plumaria, ixora, etc should not be fertilized too late. Make sure to fertilize well by the end September or early October.
Watch for lace bugs that make the leaves spot white. These can be easily controlled but start early to
minimize damage. If you have not fertilize you can winterize in October after a rain. No pruning should
be done at this time because it will remove your flowers for the spring.
As soon as temperatures drop a little, you can winterize. We have FERTILOME WINTERIZER. It is granule is broadcast. Weed & Feeds do not work on our fall weeds so we recommend spraying in fall. The weed that has given us the most issues is Virginia button weed. It can smother your existing grass and is one you want to attack sooner than later. Come by and we can discuss. We always recommend bringing in two or three of your worst weeds so we can identify and give you the best solution.
If you have not fertilized your shrubs or trees this year now is your last chance. When temperatures
drop to the mid-eighties and after a rain you can put down the FERTILOME WINTERIZER
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