we plan, you plant

In-Store Landscape Plan Service

Are you a DIY-er? Many are! You can do all the planting, but what you need is a professional plan and instruction guide to get the job done right.
That’s just what you’ll get with this service! If you’re thinking about updating / adding to / or preparing a new landscape, we can help with a customized professional landscape sketch along with detailed instructions to properly prepare the soil for planting.

How does this program help?

It prevents you from making the common mistake of placing plants in the wrong spot or planting a twenty-dollar plant in a one dollar hole. These mistake and others are commonly made by untrained customers. By avoiding these mistakes, you will save countless dollars on dead plant material. Also, because of the sketch, you will be much more satisfied with the final product.

How does this program work?

You will bring to us the HEBERT’S INFO FORM and a SKETCH PLAN with the required information. Also, bring a digital photo jump drive or simply email pictures to rfhebertplant@cox.net. In a few days HEBERT’S will contact you to schedule a time to review the plan. At this time the plan will be reviewed with an HEBERT’S knowledgeable associate discussing your customized plan.

What do I get for planning with the Hebert’s program?

A CUSTOMIZED PROFESSIONAL SKETCH by RICHARD HEBERT. Richard Hebert has been helping customers for over 25 years. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from USL in horticulture, is a licensed Horticulturist, has passed the state licensing test, and is licensed landscape contractor.

HEBERT’S HELP SHEET with suggestions of the do’s and don’ts of landscaping at your site.

CONFIDENCE that you are gaining the information necessary to accomplish your project in a professional manner!